Wretches and Jabberers – documentary #AutismMovie


Tracy Thresher and Larry Bissonnette, both middle aged Autistic men, grew up unable to speak and were excluded from normal schooling.

  • Tracy was taught in segregated classrooms
  • Larry spent 10 years in a mental institution

They started communicated only as adults, via typing.

After 10 years of Advocating for Autistic people, they decided to take their message on the road, with a round the world trip.

Tracy and Larry visited Japan, Sri Lanka and Finland.

  • They spoke with 6 Autistic men and women from different cultures about their Autism
  • Adding further diversity to their neurodiverse experiences

Media links

Full details of the making of the movie can be found at their website: Wretchers and Jabberers

The movie is available for purchase

Twitter: @JabberboxDoc

Wretchers and Jabberers: Official Trailer


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