Vectors of #Autism documentary #AutismMovie


In this documentary movie, Laura Nagle describes her life as an undiagnosed Autistic person.

Laura only realised she was Autistic at the age of 53 and is now self diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome.


Despite the challenges of being Autistic, Laura is intellectually gifted, which has allowed her to establish a small architectural business in Arizona.

Laura describes herself as being self sufficient, albeit at a relatively modest level.

Her goal in making this documentary movie, in her own words is;

  • ‘To use her life’s experience to assist others on the Autism spectrum to live better lives and to be part of the founding of Autistic culture.’


The movie

You can purchase Vectors of Autism here


A review of the movie will be added to this page, so please check back for updates.


Laura’s blog can be found here: Laura Nagle – Professionally Autistic


Here’s the link to Laura’s You Tube channel Wild Asparagus


This is a preview of Vectors of Autism from Laura’s You Tube channel

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