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As far as I know, at time of writing, there is no official confirmation that Mark Zuckerberg has Asperger’s Syndrome or any other form of Autism.

  • No opinion on the neurology of Mark Zuckerberg is intended or implied, nor should any be construed.

My comments here, relate only to my impressions of the characters played by actors, in the movie.

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Is that a question?

The character portraying Mark Zuckerberg possesses a nuclear powered intellect whose high functioning Autism is almost absurdly obvious.

It seemed as if the screen writer had deliberately ticked every single DSM IV and Gillberg diagnostic box, with the sole purpose of delivering a caricature portrayal of High Functioning Autism, at or very close to genius level.

Much of the movie felt like thoroughly enjoyable intellectual extreme-sports, an action movie, rather than a fast moving drama!

The movie segment below is by far my favorite scene in the movie.

It shows the ferocity of a colossal intellect that is completely unbridled by the social constraints by which most people feel bound.

I found the ‘is that a question’ line particularly amusing.

  • It is possible that the character portraying Zuckerberg is mocking the plaintiffs Lawyer
  • But ‘is that a question’ could actually have been a genuine question because rhetorical ‘questions’ can be very confusing to Autistic people, not least me!
  • This is because it isn’t always clear to Autistic people whether a comment is:
    • a statement requiring no answer
    • a loaded question, that seeks to manipulate the respondent and the response
    • some other form of subtext laden social code!



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