The Horse Boy – documentary #AutismMovie


Rowan Isaacson was diagnosed with Autism in 2004, aged 2.

Rowan then stopped talking and his behavior regressed.

He withdrew emotionally from his parents and threw uncontrollable screaming tantrums.

After a chance discovery that horses had a soothing effect on Rowan, his father Rupert started taking him horse riding.

The same year, Rowan’s autistic traits reversed after attending a gathering organized in the US, of shaman/healers  from around the world.

Rupert, a travel writer and journalist wondered if there might be a place where horses and shaman healing were combined?

He learned that there was, in Mongolia, half way around the world from his Texas home.

So off they went!

A Journal of Healing

Rupert shared his family’s story in a book: The Horse Boy: A father’s quest to heal his son

He also produced a documentary film: The Horse Boy

The Horse Boy Foundation was established by Rupert and his wife Kristin Neff after they returned from Mongolia.

Their Mission:

  • to bring the healing effects of horses and nature to Autistic children
  • as well as other children who would not otherwise have access to them

Twitter: @HorseBoyMovie


The Horse Boy: Official Trailer


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