Silent Fall #AutismMovie


Tim, a young Autistic boy, apparently witnesses the brutal murder of his parents.

There were 2 stories running through this movie.

  • The efforts of 2 doctors to find out what Tim saw
  • The murder investigation


Most of the movie was given over to the interaction between Tim and the 2 doctors

  • Richard Dreyfuss plays Dr. Jake Rainer, the compassionate thoughtful therapist, trying to connect with Tim
  • John Lithgow plays Dr. Rene Harlinger, in one of his occasional typecast roles as the bad guy

Dr. Rainer succeeds in connecting with Tim.

Dr. Harlinger is hell bent on getting through to Tim using a variety of drugs (including intravenous Lorazepam) and has clearly made up his mind that Tim is the killer, despite the fact that the angle of the knife wounds in Tim’s parents would have made that impossible!


Richard Dreyfuss performance as Dr. Rainer, showed an impressive level of skill with and knowledge of Autism that made it hard to believe that this film was made in 1994.


Silent Fall


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