Salmon fishing in the Yemen #AutismMovie #Aspergers


I was initially drawn to this movie by it’s surreal title.

But the surreal aspect of this film is just the tip of the ice-berg.


Yemeni Sheik Muhammed (played by Amr Waked) who is a keen fly fisherman, wants to introduce salmon and fly fishing to the Yemen.

The British Government is keen to exploit this project as a showpiece of British and Arab/Muslim cooperation and friendship.

Leading UK fisheries expert, Dr. Alfred Jones (played by Ewan McGregor) is coerced into joining this project, which he knows to be unfeasible.


I was able to relate very easily to the character of Dr. Alfred Jones.

His Asperger traits were portrayed with great subtlety and in a way that does not overwhelm the story or the film.

The word Asperger’s is mentioned only once and very briefly during the film but without any elaboration, subsequent reference or even pause for thought.

In contrast to the very exaggerated caricature portrayals of Asperger’s in Sherlock Holmes and The Social Network, this movie portrays Dr. Jones as a refreshingly believable character.

The movie itself is also a metaphor and not just for Autistic people.


Here’s the official movie trailer.



Salmon fishing in the Yemen – official website

Twitter: @FishingInYemen


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