Rain Man #AutismMovie


This movie won the 1988 Oscar for Best Picture.

Dustin Hoffman plays Raymond Babbitt, an Autistic Savant who has lived in an Institution for most/all of his adult life.

  • Tom Cruise plays his younger brother Charlie
  • Charlie has only just learned on the existence of Raymond, following the death of their father
  • Together they embark on a journey across America


Raymond Babbitt’s Savant math skills are presented throughout the movie.

  • This scene was based on the medical case notes of an Autistic Savant patient



Raymond is incorrectly referred to as High Functioning in 2 scenes and by 2 different doctors.

  • They seemed to be equating High functioning with being verbal
  • And perhaps his Savant math abilities and his extraordinary memory for facts

Raymond’s IQ also appears to be significantly below the ‘normal’ range, throughout the movie.


In this scene, Charlie takes Raymond to see a small-town doctor en route across America.

  • Raymond displays his obvious Savant math abilities
  • The doctor incorrectly describes Raymond as High functioning
  • Which he supports with the fact that Raymond can speak and communicate



Towards the end of the movie, the doctor from the Institution where Raymond has been living, tells Charlie:

  • ‘Your brother can’t decide for himself’
  • ‘Your brother is a very disabled individual’

Contradicting his own assertion at the beginning of the movie where he refers to Raymond as High functioning!


It should be remembered that this movie was made in 1988, 6 years before Asperger’s Syndrome was officially recognized.


Here’s the end of the scene where Raymond and Charlie make their most powerful connection.



Remarkably the entire movie has been uploaded onto You Tube.

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