Mozart and the Whale #AutismMovie #Aspergers


The movie is based on the real life stories of 2 Savants, Jerry Newport and Mary Meinel, who both have Asperger’s Syndrome.

  • Jerry’s character, Donald Morton, is a math Savant
  • Mary’s character, Isabelle Sorenson, is a music Savant and Artist

One of the most memorable scenes for me shows Donald explaining how he factorizes large numbers!

  • I know, I need to get a life 🙂


The movie didn’t give me much of a sense of how differently Asperger’s Syndrome presents in women and men.

  • This could just be me not picking up on the differences
  • It could equally have been an aspect of Asperger’s that was not written into the screen play
  • Let me know what you think about this


I actually saw aspects of my version of Asperger’s in both Donald and Isabelle.

There are some wonderful scenes where we see the savant skills of Donald and Isabelle in all their beauty.

But this is balanced very well with scenes where they are not coping so well.


This short movie clip is a good introduction to the 2 main characters, including flashbacks to their childhoods.


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