Extremely loud and incredibly Close #AutismMovie


This is the story of Oskar Schell, a 9 year old NYC boy, who goes on a treasure hunt.

  • To find the lock that fits a key that he finds

We are told that Oskar took the Asperger’s test and that it was inconclusive, but his character shows clear and consistent signs of Aspergers throughout the movie.


Two of the main themes were courage and synchronicity.

  • Courage can create magic
  • Synchronicity is magic

The synchronicity only occurs after Oskar has metaphorically walked through fire.


Asperger’s in the movies

I was able to relate very closely to Oskar Schell’s character as I did with:

Oskar is shown having a few meltdowns, but in the context of Asperger’s and the trauma of having lost his father in the Twin Towers, those scenes were not overdone and ensured that Asperger’s didn’t overwhelm the film, despite being portrayed very clearly.


Official trailer


Here Oskar melts down while struggling with the meaning of loss and the process of grieving.


It doesn’t make sense!


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  1. B Powell
    Aug 22, 2013 @ 11:21:29

    As the mom of an aspie son, I could so relate to this film, I saw it 3 times. I related to the part where the mom presses her face to the floor as Oscar leaves the apartment each morning, just not wanting to loose sight of his shadow. The bond between mother and child in the case of autism can be overwhelming.

    I have found it interesting that when a movie has threads of autistic beings present, that a majority of critics will bash it, obviously for lack of proper understanding. In addition, I find myself looking for characters with aspie traits in everything I see. I related to ‘The Odd Life of Timothy Green’, not to the fantasy part of the leaves on his legs, but to the relationships he had with others. I even saw traits in the animated film Turbo with the lead character Theo.

    I’m thankful for your ability of communicating ‘you’ to us Moms that want nothing more than a meaningful life for our children. I am a new FAN.


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