Dear John #AutismMovie


This 2010 film directed by Lasse Hallstrom is for the most part understated.

Hallstrom gives a sympathetic presentation of autism in a way that arouses curiosity but without overwhelming the movie.

Hallstrom’s style of understatement is developed further in his 2011 Asperger’s themed film, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.


The other unusual aspect of this movie is the casting of more than one Autistic character.

  • This is unusual in feature length movies

The only other such movie I am aware of is Mozart and the Whale

  • Featuring 2 Asperger’s Syndrome, Savant characters
  • along with a very large cast of supporting autistic characters


This is a thoughtful movie, which manages to say a lot, without making much noise.


Dear John – Full movie



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