Cries from the Heart / Touch of Truth #AutismMovie


This made for TV film was released in 1994 and there are similarities to the 2006 made for TV film After Thomas

  • Both children are severely Autistic and only very minimally verbal
  • Both movies are based on true events

But Cries from the Heart feels much more like a general release movie than After Thomas.

This could have been due to the fact that there seemed to be far more development of the supporting characters in this movie.

Residential schooling is a common theme, but in this movie the young Autistic son actually enrolls in the program, which causes considerable distress to both the parents and their son Michael, as well as the residential facility staff.

The movie is notable for its portrayal of what was at the time, very experimental ‘facilitated communication‘ and may be of particular interest to parents and/or carers of non-verbal Autistic individuals.


The entire movie has been uploaded to You tube in 10 segments:

Here’s part 1


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