Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs #AutismMovie #Aspergers


Inspired by the book of the same name, this movie adds several dimensions to the original story.

Genius Aspie

Autism does not feature in the original book.

Flint Lockwood, the main character, is a Genius with Aspergers.

His passion for invention begins in Elementary school!

  • His talents are not appreciated by his school mates and he is socially rejected
  • Flint and his father have a tough time understanding each other
  • But he has the support and encouragement of his mother
  • It seems that she alone is able to see and appreciate how remarkable Flint really is



Flint invents a machine that makes food out of water.

  • Food which then falls from the sky
  • Including ice cream!

This scene shows Flint processing what to do in a ‘social’ situation



Eventually Flint’s food machine gets out of control.

  • Flint is convinced he can fix it
  • His father is not so sure
  • To convince his father, Flint has to make eye contact with him!



A female news reporter is sent to cover the unusual weather story.

  • She turns out to be a kindred spirit, who loves science and technology
  • But she always ‘dumbs it down’ so that people won’t think she’s a ‘nerd’!
  • I have no IRL experience with female Aspies
  • So I can’t say for sure whether the reporter is an Aspie
  • Would be good to get some opinions on this from the ladies


I am puzzled with the way in which the original book was adapted.

Flint’s character could simply have been an eccentric inventor

  • A younger version Dr. Emmett Brown in ‘Back to the Future’?

But the screenplay seems to have quite deliberately included text-book High Functioning Autism.

Which leaves me wondering why?

Perhaps the screenwriter(s) and/or members of the production/direction team have been touched by Aspergers?

Either way, this is a family movie that Autistic children might enjoy and perhaps be able to relate to.


The movie also acts as a metaphor for a number of other urgent themes relating to our common humanity.

  • But I will leave this as a bonus teaser, for you to discover for yourselves




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