Chocolate – #Thai martial arts #Savant #AutismMovie


The lead role in this Martial Arts movie from Thailand, is an Autistic Savant.

It is quite difficult for any theme to overwhelm a Martial Arts movie made in the Far East.

  • The Autism theme enhances the texture of this fast moving film
  • Without slowing it down or diluting the ‘action’
  • Giving a rare portrayal of Autism in Asian cinema
  • Where cultural influences would usually create little or no interest among moviegoers


Despite not being a big fan of Asian style ‘action’ movies, I enjoyed this film.

  • It is a rare portrayal of Autism in an Asian movie
  • Perhaps even unique within the Martial Arts genre
  • It is also a huge cultural achievement that this movie was even made!


This film lacks the sanitized style of Hollywood action movies; some of the scenes being a little raw.

But overall the movie is true to both the Martial Arts culture and attitudes to Autism, that are prevalent in much of the Far East.


Some early excerpts from the movie



Full movie


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