Adam #AutismMovie


Adam was probably the most believable Autistic movie character that I had seen, until I watched Salmon Fishing in the Yemen this week.

Adam is very intelligent and although socially isolated is able to work.

By the end of the movie he has secured employment which is both intellectually appropriate and fulfilling.

Movie clip

This movie review was intended to be one of my first, but none of the You Tube clips seemed to fully capture the essence of Adam.

  • The ‘Official Trailer’ had a patronizing ‘feel good’ voice-over
  • The best clips were ‘Director’s favorite’ etc, with analysis that (for me) dampens the novelty and the richness of the scenes

This clip has neither but captures Adam’s character quite well.

I will leave the rest up to the viewer 🙂





1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. David Downey
    Jun 03, 2013 @ 17:12:02

    Spot on regarding the “feel-good” milieu.

    But my favorite part is when he’s at a party and a friend of his girlfriend asks him if he would like to see her new baby.

    “No thanks. Where is your restroom?”

    Totally blind to the response he just evoked among everyone else.

    Gave me a new appreciation on just how much of an impact that sort of interplay has probably had on my life… on all kinds of aspects… and without me having the slightest awareness of it happening.

    If I am loner, it not because I don’t get lonely or desire for companionship.
    It’s because personal connections are so frustrating, unpredictable and elusive.


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