A is for #Autism

This is an 11 minute animated movie, produced by the British Film Institute in 1992.


The film describes, with simple diagrams, cartoons and voice overs, many of the challenges faced by Autistic people including.

  • Sensory processing difficulties
  • Delayed speech
  • Sensory overload
  • Social isolation/ostracizing
  • Difficulties maintaining eye contact
  • Reciprocity in conversation
  • Obsession with time and punctuality

Not all of these challenges affect every person with Autism and these challenges are experienced differently by those who are affected.


Dr. Temple Grandin features prominently as one of the voice over characters, describing her experiences with:

  • Being intensely preoccupied with spinning objects, to shut out sound that hurt her ears
  • Asking the same question over and over again because it was so pleasurable for her to hear the answer
  • Talking a topic into the ground when that topic intrigued her


This short film has what is perhaps a predictably understated, modest and relaxed British charm to it.

  • I think the time period also adds to the charm of the movie

The film uses language which is simple, rather than technical and is based on experience rather than theory.

Remarkably, the entire movie is available on You Tube!

Enjoy and share with  your friends 🙂


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