The Closing of the Year

If I cannot bring you comfort, then at least I bring you Hope

For nothing is more precious than the time we have – and so –

We all must learn from small misfortune, count the blessings that are real……………

Toys (1992)


Santa Claus is an #Aspie

This post was written by a Aspie Kid and was published Christmas 2012.

He has since withdrawn from Social Media.

A tragic loss to the Autism community and the source of continuing sadness to me.

His intellect afforded a profound and masterfully articulate rare insight into the enigma that is Autism and the autistic experience.

This is my first ever guest post, although technically it is a repost/reblog.

He was in contact with me recently and asked me to post this on my blog, as it was one of his favorites and apparently one of the most popular post he ever published.

Seasons Greetings my friend – you are still missed by so many – and the Autism Community is poorer without you.

Your friend………..

Santa Claus is an aspie.

Most people don’t know that about him, but it’s true. He is very reclusive, you know, like so many aspies are, so he chooses to live at the North Pole. I think Santa has an aversion to sunlight because of some sensory issues and he likes those long dark winters at the pole. He probably stays inside during the summer months. Also, like most aspies, myself included, Santa’s friends are mostly elves. And he relates much better to animals than people, just like lots of aspies do. Santa’s best friends in the animal world are reindeer.

Santa is also echolalic. Certainly you must have noticed the way he utters that same old nonsense syllable over and over, just like he’s been doing for decades. And he has lots of other characteristically aspie traits too. For example, Santa prefers to wear the same clothes all the time. He has really intensely focused interests like building and distributing toys. He mutters kids’ names over and over to himself as he paces around his workshop.

And like so many of us aspies, Santa owes most of his success to Asperger Syndrome. He has the savant-like ability to remember the personal interests and addresses of every girl and boy on the planet, and whether they’ve been naughty or nice. Santa is also an expert navigator, especially in inclement weather. As an animal trainer, Santa is leaps and bounds above the rest. And he is unsurpassed as a toy inventor, manufacturer and distributor.

Santa is extremely introverted, which is another common aspie trait. So if you want him to visit you, you have to lure him into your home with milk and cookies, and even then he won’t come in unless he knows you are all sleeping. That’s just the way it is with Santa. He definitely occupies his own little corner of the autism spectrum, that’s for sure.

pp Aspie Kid

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