#AutismFlashFollow Phase 2 – It works!





Thank you to everyone who has supported this week’s #AutismFlashFollow initiative.

Today we are raising the bar with the very first #AutismFlashFollow #FF event.

#FF is a popular Friday tradition on Twitter, originally designated as a day to nominate people to follow.

#FF still retains this meaning but it has become a little diluted with time and is often used instead as a general acknowledgement of thanks.

Some people include biographical details with their #FF nominations, perhaps to demonstrate that it is more than just a casual, albeit kind and thankful, mention.

But it can be time consuming to write a supporting comment for each and every #FF


#AutismFlashFollow #FF

#AutismFlashFollow #FF is an effective way of helping little known tweeps in the #Autism community increase their followers:

  • It’s Friday, so people are open to the idea of following a #FF recommendation
  • The #AutismFlashFollow hashtag communicates succinctly the reason and purpose
  • Allowing several people to be nominated with each #FF tweet


Who benefits?

It seems that everyone who gets involved with this project benefits.

The people that we follow, sometimes in quite large numbers, are clearly overjoyed not just at the rising follower count, but at the fact that people are bothering to follow them at all!

Some have commented that they are so happy that others think they are worth following!

Every single person in the Autism community is worth following, especially those just getting started in social media, with just a handful of followers.


Here are some that have really warmed my heart this week:


  • 9 years old, he is non-verbal
  • his follower count gone from 17 to 79 in just 5 days


  • She is Matt’s mom 🙂
  • See for yourself what she thinks about #AutismFlashFollow

Twitter search #AutismFlashFollow to find others that we are following and read their stories


Those who have been actively following during #AutismFlashFollow are clearly feeling a strong sense of community and connection and inclusion.

The great thing about this campaign is the creation of a lasting change for people who were hitherto on the fringes of social media.

  • A month after I write a blog, it will be forgotten unless it remains actively tweeted
  • A follow as part of #AutismFlashFollow is a permanent feature and a real connection

It has the power to encourage, impart confidence, create friendships, build community.

This is perhaps the greatest power of Twitter, the speed with which it can facilitate 2 way communication

  • with the power to rapidly transform to real time group communication

People nominated are themselves nominating others as part of #AutismFlashFollow

They see that it works and they see the value, the lasting value of the campaign.


Please join in

You don’t need to write a blog post to join in, you don’t even need to be a blogger.

You just need the compassion to reach out to someone, a few folk:

  • Check your followers
  • Check your  mentions
  • Check your retweets
  • Check your favs

If that’s too much work you can just do a Twitter search for #AutismFlashFollow

Follow a few of them and then send a simple tweet:

  • Now following @mattmoo1000 Please follow him just 79 followers #AutismFlashFollow



#AutismFlashFollow #FF Autism community inclusion culture




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