Kevin Healey’s #AutismBullying Campaign @Kevin_Healey



I was working on 4 or 5 draft posts when I realized that this is what I needed to write about today.


This month is being used as a platform for Autism Awareness and Autism Acceptance.

Bullying autistic people/people with autism, is about as far from Autism Acceptance as I can imagine.

  • institutional torturing and cruelty excepted
  • the subject of a future post!

Which makes this Autism Bullying Campaign a high priority Autism Awareness issue.


What makes this Campaign special

There are several reasons why I am making a public statement in support of this Campaign.

Kevin’s recent revelations about his experiences of bullying have really shocked me.

  • Lifelong bullying, into his now late 30s
  • Death threats!

I can’t even begin to imagine what that must be like.


Kevin has also had the courage to go public about his personal torment, without the benefit of anonymity.

One of the reasons I started blogging was to articulate the:

  • dread, horror and terror

that can be the daily, ongoing experience of school for an autistic kid.

There are plenty of others in the Autism social media community sharing their experiences of bullying too.

  • and that’s just the tip of the ice-berg

Kevin has also decided to make this a Global Campaign.


The Global effect

A Global Campaign could be an opportunity to give a voice to even the meekest among us in the Autism community.

By collecting and sharing bullying stories – as well as names on petitions.

This Campaign could also be an issue around which the Autism community could join together.

  • reflecting more on what we have in common
  • through our shared experiences


My adolescent school years were a living hell and one of my blogging goals was to help others avoid going through the same torment, by sharing my experiences.

Perhaps if we all join together, we can articulate this epidemic of dehumanization loud enough to get laws passed to give people the legal protection and recourse that we were denied and also help shield others from the horror that so many of us and/or our loved ones have lived through…..

Screaming, alone, in Silence!


Kevin’s Autism Bullying Campaign

Twitter: @Kevin_Healey

Twitter Campaign Hashtags:

  • #kevsautismcampaign
  • #autismbullying
  • #autismbullyingcampaign



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