Autism in Turkey II – school exclusion


Ozan is a 6 year old Turkish boy who happens to have Autism/be Autistic.

  • Ozan has a legal right to attend school in Turkey
  • But as of June 2012, he has been expelled from or refused enrollment to 13 schools

Ozan’s mother @SedefErken in now proceeding through the Turkish legal system to assert her son’s legal right to attend school.

Sedef happens to be a Lawyer.

  • despite this, as of June 2012, Ozan’s case had been in the Turkish legal system for over a year
  • with no resolution in sight


In this television interview, Sedef talks about her struggle with schools

  • that seem influenced by parents of students without special needs
  • and a struggle she is willing and well qualified to take to the European Court of Human Rights


This is a wonderful presentation of Advocacy for a child with Autism/Autistic child

  • delivered with precision, intellectual eloquence
  • the interview is fully subtitled
  • and is likely to be helpful, if not inspiring to any parent of a special needs child


School discrimination against children with Autism in Turkey


There is also an online petition supporting Ozan’s right to a school education.

  • The petition received over 15,000 signature in the first 3 days it was posted
  • It can be signed by anyone, anywhere in the world, regardless of nationality


World Autism Project – Autism without boundaries


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. nikki
    Feb 06, 2013 @ 19:58:33

    i always find it extremely interesting to see the situation of autistic children in other countries worldwide. never heard or read anything about Turkey.. indeed.
    sad, but I thought anyway that Turkey is still not a full member of the EU, also for reasons of political stability, women’s right and other social problems. so i am more surprised she can take it to the European court of human rights at all. i hope she does.
    In the context tho, Is there a truly international forum, where all (Anglophone..) parents can exchange experiences? that would be very cool..


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