A World of Autism – My mission


Movies have fascinated me for as long as I can remember and so it was a simple step for me to embrace Autism as depicted in film as a special interest.

I have now written 39 reviews for Autism related films and documentaries, with more on the way.

So far these have been English language films, with the exception of:

Yet most of the inhabitants of our planet are not native English speakers or speak no English at all!


My Mission

My mission remains that of reaching out and communicating the reality of Autism to the Autism community and those outside the Autism community.

But I can’t do this faithfully without reaching out to Autism communities in the non-English speaking World.

So I am now turning my efforts to the deliberate strategy of giving a voice to our brothers and sisters in the non-English speaking Autism communities around the World, as well as remote countries where English is spoken.

  • I also hope this will help others to put their own experiences of Autism into the wider context of the World Autism community


World Autism awareness

I have already made a start with Autism in the Arabic World with featured documentaries from Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

There is also an Autism in China page, to which I will be adding reviews of Ocean Heaven (feature length film) and Children of the Stars (documentary) in the next few weeks.


I will be actively searching and researching Autism themed films and documentaries from around the world, but I would really welcome and encourage your suggestions and recommendations of films and documentaries from the non-English speaking world.

I would also welcome guest film reviews for non-English language Autism movies and documentaries that do not have subtitles.


Please also reach out to your friends, real or virtual, in the World Autism community.

  • I am encouraged and astonished at the number and range of countries currently represented by my blog visitors
  • But there is still a huge void to be reached


Thus far, only 5 African countries are represented by my blog visitors!

  • I would dearly love to feature an African Autism film/documentary 

South East Asia is surprisingly sparse on my visitor map too with so far no visitors from:

  • Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Burma or Bangladesh

Today saw my first visitor from Haiti, but as yet, no visitors from Cuba!


Remember, that for people in many of these countries, the issue is not the quality or range of available Autism services:

It is the complete absence of services or even the necessary skills needed to provide Autism services at even a remotely meaningful level.


To everyone in the World Autism community, I wish you a happier and better new year.

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  1. John Ross Barnes
    Jan 07, 2013 @ 08:45:26

    Thank you.


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