Wordless Wednesday #Autism

I really enjoy Wordless Wednesday blog posts.

  • My (current) anonymity prevents me from using my photos.
  • This is my Wordless Wednesday experiment with movie clips.


My High School Math



My work in progress


How I disguise myself


How I survived 


How my Autism feels….sometimes


The pain of mediocrity


Discovering I was Autistic


Dedicated to every Autistic child in the World.

You are my heroes 


Autism in China


With a population of over 1.3 billion (World Bank 2011) China may be home to as many as 15 million Autistic people (1:88)

  • More than the population of NYC
  • More than half the population of Australia
  • Almost half the population of Canada

Yet at the time of writing, December 26th, 2012, my blog has received not a single visitor from the People’s Republic of China.

  • Few of my social media Autism friends have recorded blog visitors from China either!

So I have chosen the ‘Season of Goodwill’ to reach out to the Autism Community of China, to let you know that you are not alone and that people from around the World are thinking of you.


Children of the Stars

According to IMDB this documentary was made in 2009, although the Official trailer was uploaded to You tube in 2008 :-/

According to Rob Aspey who directed this documentary, the film rights were sold to Fanlight, for the US educational market and so the film price, of several hundred US dollars, reflects the high cost of special copyright clearances for Universities and Libraries.



Ocean Heaven

This is a feature length Autism themed movie from China.

The film was written and directed by Xue Xiaolu, a teacher at the Beijing Film Academy.

Ocean Heaven was completed with a budget of just US$ 1m and stars Jet Li in his first full drama role as a terminally ill father of an Autistic son.

Here’s the trailer:


The entire movie can be viewed by clicking on the link below:

Ocean Heaven

I will be posting a separate movie review of Ocean Heaven, as a blog page, in the next few weeks.

I will also be posting further information on Children of the Stars and its related projects, also as a blog page.

To all my readers, I wish you all a New Year that includes joy, wherever you are, whatever you look like and regardless of your Faith.

Somersault – Aspergers subplot movie


I enjoy the raw, unpolished and brutally honest style of Australian cinema and this film was all of that and more.

The main theme running through this movie was disconnectedness.

  • Which reminded me of the movie ‘Heaven’s Burning’
  • The 1997 Australian film starring Russell Crowe
  • But with no Autism theme


At the beginning of Somersault, Heidi who is living with her mother runs away from home.

She takes a bus to a tourist town in Australia’s ski region and soon after arriving, begins a relationship with Joe, the son of a local, well to do farming family.

Despite the clear social and economic contrast of their families , they are equally dysfunctional.


Asperger’s appears very briefly, in the guise of Karl, the younger brother of Heidi’s Ski town colleague, Bianca.

  • In one scene we see Karl with his mother, describing what he sees on Emotional expression flashcards

In a later scene Karl is juxtaposed with Heidi as Bianca describes some of Karl’s Autistic impairments.

  • ‘It’s like if you feel pain I can understand or if I’m happy you can tell. He can’t tell so he can’t make friends’
  • ‘He just says exactly what he’s thinking, he doesn’t know how he’s going to make the other person feel’
  • ‘If you tell a joke, he waits for everyone else to laugh because he doesn’t know it’s funny’

Not surprisingly, the other main theme in this movie is intimacy.

Both Heidi and Joe (as well as many of the other cast members!) crave intimacy in their own way, despite their disconnectedness.

  • In Heidi, this presents as promiscuity and general ‘inappropriate’ behavior and language
  • Joe is more guarded, clearly unhappy but afraid to reach out


People, whose childhoods involved continuous and extended emotional neglect and indifference from their parents can (like me) present similar behaviors and disturbances to those found with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Heidi and Joe were both good candidates for this disorder and the overlap with Autism, at least for me, was not lost.

But in at least 2 scenes, Joe demonstrates a clear understanding of social scripting and socially ‘appropriate’ behavior.

Heidi is clearly oblivious of the consequences of her actions and the impact on those around her.

  • Much like me, unless I am concentrating very, very hard!


Somersault pulls no punches but despite being a very intense movie, it is also a quiet and contemplative movie.

  • Inviting the viewer to think and engage with the characters

It was also somewhat comforting to observe that it isn’t just Autistic people who struggle daily with social impairment!

We are not alone…



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