A gift – for your children


From the late diagnosed Autistic community

There is a large and growing number of late diagnosed Autistic adults.

  • Few people born before 1975 are likely to have been diagnosed in High school
  • College graduates born before 1970 are likely to have received their Bachelor degree before their diagnosis

Many who have been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome late in life are joining the vibrant social media Autism community.


Late diagnosis is a 2 edged sword.

  • It gives us the opportunity to finally make sense of our lives
  • But also highlights life courses that may have been shut off to us

Those of us who are late diagnosed can’t go back in time and rewrite our past.

But we can do the next best thing – we can help your children and our children.

If my sometimes bitter experiences of life are to have any meaning, it is in setting out a few lamps to help light the path for those who follow us.

So this is the gift of the late diagnosed Autistic people who join the ranks of the Autism Advocate community.


Our gift to you


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  1. Aspie Writer
    Oct 12, 2012 @ 09:22:52

    This is what I was talking to my husband about a few days ago. Although I was not diagnosed until I was 38 years old, maybe I can use what I now know to help my children. In particular, my 13 year old son, who I don’t want to suffer the frustration and heartache I did because I didn’t know why I was different. Thank you.


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