Autism themed movies


22nd Postcard from the Edge of the Spectrum

Autism themed movies is one of my main blog projects.

When I began blogging and tweeting in May 2012, I was only planning on reviewing the 13 movies that I had on DVD.

But as I searched for movie clips to complement my reviews, I discovered more and more Autism movies.

  • I found documentaries
  • Animated movies too

My blog currently features 25 Autism movie reviews.

  • I’ll be writing reviews for 15 more Autism themed movies/documentaries over the next few months
  • With a further 15 titles to explore, including 7 made-for-television movies

The movies

I’ve always loved the movies, so after I discovered I have Asperger’s I began collecting Asperger’s themed movies.

Although I blog and tweet about Asperger’s Syndrome, my followers on Twitter and WordPress represent the full range of the Autism spectrum.

So I decided to embark on a Spectrum-wide project of Autism movie reviews and resources.

Movies are a powerful and versatile medium of communication and my current reviews include:

  • Feature length movies
  • Asian movies
  • Short films
  • Documentaries films
  • Animated movies and documentaries

Some Autism movies and documentaries also have Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.

Full list of Autism themed movie reviews

Blog page – Autism movies


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